Who Uses Our Services?

immediately and don’t have time to wait for a bank to approve a loan.
Most of the time these customers only need a small amount of money, and traditional banks and lending institutions are not able to accommodate such small loans.

People use our service to get money for all types of emergencies and unexpected financial emergencies:

  • Self employed people who need to make payroll, tax payments, or business related purchases.
  • Auto Repairs-The car that the customer needs to go to work has broken down, and the customer won’t have money to repair it until next payday.
  • Job Change-The customer has changed jobs and has a delay until the first paycheck, or a paycheck has gotten lost in the mail.
  • Emergency Travel-Illness in the family, death of a loved one, or a new job requires the customer to travel immediately.
  • Children Need Clothing-The customer’s children need clothing immediately for the start of school, athletic team, school dance, or other special occasion.
  • Sick Child or Spouse-The customer has unexpected illness in family and must pay for medicine right away, or spouse is sick and family has a temporary loss of income as a result.
  • Birthday, Anniversary, or Other Event-The customer has a special family event that requires a gift, and money is low until next payday.
  • Security Deposit-The customer is moving and needs money for deposits at new place until old deposits are released.
  • Overdrawn at Bank-The customer has written a check that will bounce and wants to avoid bank fees, merchant fees, and possible collection action.
  • Sale-An item the customer wants (new appliance, work clothes children’s Christmas gift) is on sale for a limited time, but sale will end before customer’s next payday.
  • Out of Money-The customer is low on funds until next payday due to a long month, unexpected expenses, changing jobs, or other needs.
  • Banks do not offer these types of loans, and many customers can’t wait for a bank to approve a credit application.
  • Many people write bad checks when short of money, but bank and retailer fees can easily exceed the cost of a short term Title or Payday Loan. Bad checks create additional financial problems, as well as possible criminal charges.
  • Borrowing money from family members is not always possible, and even if it is, it can be embarrassing to do so.
  • Borrowing money from an employer is not an option. Besides being embarrassing, it creates stress between the employer and the employee.